Bonded, Insured, and Professionally Licensed Private Investigation business for all clients with technical challenges.

TechSmart Solutions LLC is a digital forensics, private investigations and consulting firm.  We specialize in private investigations with technological capability.  Our investigations range from the traditional to digital forensic examinations of devices such as smartphones, hard drives, and network devices.  Often, law firms, insurance companies and traditional private investigators outsource their technical needs.  TechSmart Solutions is able to provide those services through years of experience in technical investigations.






 Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

 Electronic “Bug Sweeps”


 Civil & Matrimonial

Background Checks


Technology & Internet

Social Media



Mobile & Digital Forensics

Computers, Cell Phones, Drones, & Vehicles


 Audio / Video and Digital Image File Enhancement


GPS & Cellular

Call Detail Record

Cell Site Location Information 

Analysis & Mapping

  • Intellenet Image
  • NALI
  • LPDAM Image

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